Repairs & Upgrades

Jackup Legs

Repairs and upgrades to existing jackup legs part of our day-to-day business.
Fast turnarounds for jackup leg components such as racks, chords, and bracings are possible due to our extensive steel inventory and fully integrated manufacturing capability. Our stock materials carry multiple certifications and include 100 KSI yield plates in thicknesses of 4”, 5”, 6”, 6 1/2”, and 7” which
can be used on virtually any jackup anywhere in the world.

Through our quality resource mills in South & North America, Europe, and Asia,
we meet your most stringent chemical and mechanical properties with seamless,
SAW, ERW & HFI pipes to various API 5L and plate grades. We have the ability to make small diameter welded pipes as per API, ABS, DNV, etc.

We fabricate extra high strength, offshore, shipbuilding/hull, boiler/pressure vessel and structural steel to various International structural steel standards such as API 2W/2H, EN 10025, EN 10225, and ASTM.

Cut Shapes
Our state-of-the-art steel and flame cutting facilities produce the finest available
heavy parts for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Roll and Press forming of very large, very heavy parts can be achieved either hot or cold utilizing some of the largest equipment of its type in the world. In addition, formed parts can be Quenched & Tempered or Stress-relieved
on site depending on the specification.

Precision machining can be performed on extremely large structures. Machining can be performed in our facilities or at the customer’s facility.

Derricks Masts & Substructures
Repairs, upgrades, full analysis, and condition surveys.