About Us: A Legacy of Excellence

The Powerhouse Collaboration: Jackup Structures Alliance and Loadmaster Industries

At the heart of our brand lies a union of two market leaders: JSA (Jackup Structures Alliance) and Loadmaster Industries. Together, we represent an unparalleled blend of tradition, innovation, and dedication.

JSA (Jackup Structures Alliance):

A beacon of excellence in the manufacturing arena, JSA is renowned for producing Rack & Chords, specialized bracing pipes, ultra-heavy fabrication items, and offering niche aftermarket services.

Loadmaster Industries:

With over three decades of experience, Loadmaster Industries has carved its niche in designing, engineering, and building drilling derricks, masts, and specialized equipment. Our commitment doesn’t stop at production; we pride ourselves in providing top-tier aftermarket care to our international clientele.

In the upstream drilling market, both JSA and Loadmaster have solidified their positions as top-tier Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). We are celebrated not just for our high-caliber products and services but also for our competitive edge. In coming together, we pledge to uphold these standards of excellence and offer unparalleled value to our customers.

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